Welcome, to the Spy Ranks, This is where you get to know your spy ranks.

Rank 1

Known as AAPN Cadet.


You would normally start out like this.

Yes, you still start out as an AAPN Cadet, But this time your with the spys.

Recomended Lvl - 7

Recomended - Needs to be able to dodge bullets.


Paintball mask (No mouth cover), Long coat.

Rank 2

Known as Low Spy.


Low level spy.

One of the basic Spys, Weak yet skilled.

Recomended Lvl - 9-13

Recomended - Needs to be able to dodge a lot of bullets, Must be a skilled jumper.


Bi-Teches, Ninja Wraps, Trenchcoat.

Rank 3

Known as Spy.


A normal spy.

The Best and original, Spy, Completed with a, Bowie knive, Sapper and a silenced desert eagle.

Recomended Lvl - 10-20

Recomended - Has to be really dodgey.


Tri-Teches, Ninja Wraps, Trenchcoat.

Rank 4

Known as the Official AAPN Assasin.


Skilled at stealth.

Im sure you want to be this class but you need to earn it.

Recomended Lvl - 23-32

Recomended - Has to be really really dodgey, skilled at hand to hand, skilled at melee combat.


Agent Shades (Or Hank shades), Utility Vest (or ATP Vest).

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